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hosted payload

Space in the 21st Century will give humanity amazing opportunities, and here at Ripple we do not want to waste the chance that one of them could change the world. We intend to work with our customers to provide the best and most economic solutions to space access possible. Our innovative manufacturing and financing solutions enable a broad range of custom-tailored solutions geared towards getting customer payloads into orbit.

At Ripple, education and academic research are just as important as customer payloads. Any unused payload mass will be provided to students, universities, academic and research institutions or startups. If you think your project would be a good fit for Ripple’s hosted payload programs or need alternative financing options, please contact us. 


+ Non-profits, Students, Academic and Research Institutions

To encourage scientific research in space, Ripple offers hosted payloads for unused mass on Sea Serpent launches. If you are a student, professor or faculty member or if you work for designated non-profits, university or research institute, please contact us!

+ Space Startup

At Ripple, we understand the difficulties of being a startup - after all, we are one! To reduce the barriers of entry and encourage space activity, we are providing alternative and equity-based financing to startup companies in need of a ride to orbit. To qualify the company must have been established less than 4 years ago, have less than 20 employees and have annual revenue turnover of less than $10 million. Please contact us if you qualify!