Sea Serpent Class Oceanic Rockets

Serpent class rockets are two-stage, reusable, ocean rocket family being developed by Ripple Aerospace in Norway. Designed to transport payloads to LEO, GSO and deep space, Sea Serpent rockets will bring to market the lowest cargo transportation costs on the market.

Leveraging Norway’s heritage in maritime construction and their state-of-the-art facilities, Serpent class rockets will be mass produced within Norwegian shipyards and towed directly to launch sites via tug boats. With the ability of integrating into the global logistics network and the elimination of fixed launch sites, Serpent class rockets will be a radical shift in the current launch system model and provide greater access to space.

Core Benefits

  • Mass manufacturing capability
  • Customizable rockets and payloads
  • Reduced launch delays and waiting periods
  • Natural acoustic and vibration suppression system
  • Environmentally-compatible exhaust products
  • Reduced payload shipping cost and time
  • Avoidance of the high launch pad investment
  • Mobile
  • Fully Reusable
  • Capable of Equatorial launches
  • Reduced rocket manufacturing costs
  • Fully Reusable